July 30th, 2005



So, things had been going pretty much as usual with my mom, and when I talked to her yesterday, she'd passed along what the doctor told her - that she'd probably be in the hospital another couple days.

So I wake up this morning (well, okay, I think technically afternoon, close enough) and stumble down the stairs, to find her ensconsed in her usual hospital bed. Buh? Make up your mind, people.

She's totally worn out, and been napping throughout the day, though she's seeming a bit more chipper and "with it" by this point. Hospitals are not at all the best place to actually get some sleep (I mean, it's not like sick people would need to REST or anything), plus they apparently weren't doing anything to control her blood sugar (not giving her insulin, not calling in her doctor for that, like she asked them to), so from what she says, she's been running high blood sugars the entire hospital stay. Grr. And people wonder why I hate doctors/hospitals. (Well, okay, not all doctors, but... meh.)

And as far as other updates go... lessee. Have my permanent crown now, still working on a project (and been trying hard to get further ahead since the past weekend was pretty much a wash, with all that was going on here). Also have both new "for girls" Harvest Moon games, and am playing a leetle of the GBA one at meals, at night before bed, and keeping at myself with a whip to make sure I work instead of playing too much of it. >< Luckily since it's a game I've played before in two previous incarnations, it's a bit easier. A bit. Just a bit. (Since it was a completely awesome game to start with though, it's still hard.) And I'm making sure I don't start the Gamecube one while I'm working, because two games, plus work stuff? No, not gonna do that to myself. ><

Also picked up about 3 or 4 volumes of manga the other day, and two more Agatha Christie books to further the Christie kick I've been on lately, but meh.. that's like diet food for my literary voraciousness. But W Juliet at least is shaping up to be a cool series...

Oh, and thanks again everyone for your well-wishes. ^^