June 5th, 2005


Heat is.... hot

Seriously, who the hell told it to get this damned hot? Just so I can go kill them.

I had planned to get some more shopping done at the mall and Lowes today, and/or do lots of nice work outside in the yard (which needs it). A lack of sleep and the heat put paid to the first, while the heat made sure I did very little of the latter. I did at least get the grass and such pulled up around my (poor, pitiful, struggling) strawberry plants, and got some "stickerbushes" dug up (I have no clue about the real name of them - they're basically low-growing leaves much like dandelion leaves, but with nasty painful fine thorns all over them). I also got a tiiiiny bit more of the ground dug out for my flowerbed (which SHOULD have been planted by now, but between the weather being too cold or too hot... meh) but that's about it. Oh yes, and I did haul the air conditioner for this room down from the garage, which about killed me but at least means that it's cooler in this room - good for both me and my computer.

At least yesterday I got a bit of stuff done. Went to the market, mainly, which badly needed to be done again already. Put all the stuff away, did a bit around the (inside of the) house. Drove my mom to bingo out in the Boonies (which were more out boony-ish than I even remembered), and had meant to go to the mall then afterward, but... well, since my car air conditioner sucks rocks, I was pretty much melted into a gooey puddle by the time I was back from dropping my mom off, and didn't make it then either. Then I logged on to Final Fantasy XI for my set Chains of Promathia Party, where we proceeded to kick much ass and got access to Al'Taieu (if I'm spelling that right ^^;;). I'd post some (spoily) pictures, but I'd need to upload some pics to somewhere first. I do theoretically have space paid for some places where I could store them, but it would involve, y'know, effort to rename them, remember just what addresses I can ftp stuff to, store them, link them, etc. Effort that frankly I don't feel like putting in at the moment, because even with the AC on I still feel like I've been through the wringer and back about 20 times. Maybe tomorrow or something. Or maybe not, since like maybe 2 or 3 of the people who read my journal play FFXI at all, and might even care. :p

Hey, that's something I can do... a poll! I've never done a poll before!

Poll #507061 Final Fantasy XI

What is your take on Final Fantasy XI?

Play it, love it! Gimme piccies!
Play it, but frankly not really interested in seeing your photo albums, you geek.
Don't play the game, but would still be interested in learning/seeing pics
I just don't care. Period.
Why is it so hot?
Ooo! Clicky Thing!

Isolated clicky thing options are better, anyhow!

... Okay folks, she's gone off the deep end. Must be the heat.


Now, hopefully I'll sleep better tonight, and be less melty and able to do shopping tomorrow. And/or cleaning and/or gardening. Oof. On the bright side, my father's getting much better (although still not, say, able to help me put groceries away yesterday *coughcough*), but my mom does feel like she's picking up fluid in her legs and such again, which might mean another trip to the hospital again soon. Already. We'll have to see.
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