May 27th, 2005


*sleepy sigh*

First off, thanks for the well-wishes, and alladat.

Second, at least today seems *knocks on wood* to be better. The biggest Drama so far was my father losing his medicine that he just got yesterday, but luckily I managed to find it after a good 10-15 minutes or so (maybe even more) of frantic searching. Right now he's back upstairs lying down (which he's luckily been doing a lot today - I did my mom's breakfast stuff today so he just stayed upstairs til around lunchtime), and my mom's pretty much just lying around watching TV, so I've more or less got some downtime. Just sooo tired though ><

I managed to get out to the mall and pet store today, briefly, to do some shopping. Got a GBA game and the first Sims 2 expansion (I have no willpower), plus some manga and other books. Of course, the two main things I went to try to get weren't out. -_- Atelier Iris apparently isn't coming out until the end of next month, and the Vampire Hunter D novel that's been translated to English wasn't at the bookstore. *hiss* *fume*

On the bright side, at least got to read the newest Fruits Basket translation, which is now all past the events of the anime version. Loves me some Fruits Basket. *purr*
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