March 4th, 2005


Must-read post (IMHO)

I too am going to join the barrage of people linking to this post. And all right-thinking adults should go read it, just because. And all wrong-thinking adults should read it in case it might actually sink in.

Preach on sistah, preach on.

(EDIT: Oops, put the wrong actual page in the link. Was linking to comments, not the actual post.)

Request to those who read manga...

Help me out here. Does anyone have the ISBN # for Basara volume 10, or Boys Over Flowers volume 9 (which I somehow missed)? for some reason sucks at adding volume numbers for their manga, and sometimes ISBN is the only way to actually find what you want. And I don't remember seeing either of these at the local bookstore when I was there. And while Tokyopop includes ISBN numbers on their website, Viz doesn't, damn them to the lowest pits of hell. *_*
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