February 28th, 2005


New icony thingies

So, in my quest to get myself to post more (and actually post, well, stuff, rather than memes all the time), I've created two new icons for myself to go with my current default (plus two others that I hate and never use anymore). One is my Final Fantasy XI character, which will probably be for flights of fantasy, etc... plus stuff about that game if I post anything. The other is the one I'm using for this current entry. It was such a yummy picture sitting on my harddrive, just waiting to be edited down and used... Mmm. Not totally sure what I'll use it for, probably thoughtful, pensive stuff.

I might eventually edit them both more in photoshop (add text or something), but this'll do me for now, since I'm not a graphics person anyhow. I also want to add an icon of my kitty at some point, but I need to get a good pic of her first...

Now if I can just kick the insomnia's ass, I'm all set!
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Another meme but...

This one at least takes some thought, and reveals stuff about me. Or about my taste, at least. Which may not be for the best, come to think of it.

You should know the drill by now... I gives the lyrics, you names the song and band. Or some close approximation thereof. Some of these are from my iTunes list, some are from my physical music collection. I'm trying to do a decent selection, some more "normal" and easier to guess, some a bit more out-there.

Oh yeah, I reserve the right to add lyrics in some that are stumping, if necessary. Some of these (even beyond the footnoted ones) I had to resort to lyrics sites to get things exactly right, but I remembered the gist of most of them - which means you should have a shot, anyhow.

The really sad thing is that even after doing 25 of these, there were more songs that I really wanted to add... *sigh*

Edit: I'm going back and putting the ones that have already been guessed in italics. Not adding the actual answers yet, since they're in the comments, and it'll let other people "play along" to see if they recognize them first, at least.

1) Those neon eyes make Mom and Dad think that we've lost our minds, / they're just terrified of all new things.

2) Te sun, sa-ti spun, ce simt acum,/ Alo, iubirea mea, sunt eu, fericirea.*

3) I let him slip away. / He's looking for that home, and I hope he finds it.

4) Is there something you lack / when I'm flat on my back, / is there something that I could do for you?

5) Fukitondeyuku fuukei korogaruyooni maee / Kurushimagire demo hyoutekiwa mou minogasanai

6) Downtown, where the cabs don't stop. / Downtown, where the food is slop.

7) Once I had the rarest rose / that ever deigned to bloom. / Cruel winter chilled the bud / and stole my flower too soon.

8) Gypsy, sitting looking pretty / a broken rose with laughing eyes.

9) Well I guess you didn't know it / but I'm a fiddle player too / and if you care to make a dare / I'll make a bet with you.

10) Dare yori mo atsui jounetsu o mune ni sakasetai / Tooi yume sae mo terashidasu doko ni ite mo.**

11) A dark angel of sin / preying deep from within / Come take me in.

12) We've been wand'ring all the night / and some time of this day. / Now returning back again, / we bring a garland gay.

13) And nobody seems to know where you go. / And what does it mean? / Oh, is it a dream?

14) And you think that love is only / for the lucky and the strong

15) And the sun slips down bedding heavy behind / the front of your dress all shadowy lined, / the droning engine throbs in time with your beating heart.

16) The game of life is hard to play. / I'm gonna lose it anyway. / The losing card I'll some day lay, / so this is all I have to say.

17) Missed the bus and there'll be hell to pay, / I'm late for work again.

18) qu'est-ce que tu vas chercher? / Le bien par le mal? / La vertue par le vice?

19) I recall a box of rags that someone gave us, / and how my Mamma put the rags to use.

20) I think back to the times / when dreams were what mattered, / tough talking youth naivete.

21) Say you'll share with me / one love, one lifetime. / Lead me, save me / from my solitude.

22) Temptation heat beats like a drum / Deep in your veins, I will not lie

23) And the wonder of it all / is that you just don't realize / how much I love you.

24) Don't think you're having all the fun, / you know me, I hate everyone.

25) The brim of my hat hides the eye of a beast. / I've the face of a sinner but the hands of a priest.

*Yes, I had to go to a lyrics site for this one. I'd say that at least one part of my friends' list *should* know the song (damn you!), whether or not they realize it...

**I also had to resort to a lyrics page for this, and frankly, this is the main ringer in the page... if you acually get this (and you are male) I may just have to marry you. If you know it without cheating, mind you.
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Oh the weather outside is....

Hrm. Well, it might not be frightful, but it's starting to drift closer to it.

I put off ordering from Amazon because I figured that hey, it doesn't look like it's going to be too bad (this morning at least), and I should hopefully be able to make it out tomorrow to get to the mall...

But. It won't stop snowing. It's not snowing at blizzard speeds and heaviness, and the snow itself is relatively fine flakes, but it just keeps coming! Arrrgh! At this point, if it were to stop now, things might be okay and I *might* make it out tomorrow... the problem is though that even if the roads are for the most part cleared out (and thus I can get things delivered to my doorstep), the area where we park our cars tends to get fairly well boxed in, and the entire alley that our parking area sits off of doesn't get plowed by the city. Which means that even if I were able to drive on the roads themselves, I might not be able to get my car *to* the roads. And from what it sounds like, it's not even going to be stopping with the white stuff any time soon.

Which means that I was rooting for it to stop snowing Real Soon Now... but then I remembered that I'm supposed to have a dentist appointment on Wednesday. Which I really don't wanna go to. So... let's go, snow! Rah rah, sis boom bah! *shakes nonexistent pom-poms*

Of course, this also means that once again I find myself trying to decide what to do about Amazon, and Amazon Prime, and all that.
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