February 27th, 2005


Amazin' Amazon

Okay, really lame entry title, but I'm still worn down and not feeling especially creative. So deal. :p

Anyhow, I tend to order things from Amazon.com fairly frequently, usually getting the free shipping option, slow as it is, because.. well.. it's free. (And it's only *partly* due to my hermit tendencies that I order so much from Amazon, honest! It's also in great part because some of the stuff takes forever to come in around here, or isn't kept in stock, or what have you.)

But now Amazon is starting their whole "Amazon Prime" dealie. Which, for those of you who don't shop there, is an 80-buck-per-year membership that nets you free (well, after the initial cost) two-day shipping on every order from the place. And now I'm left in a quandary.

On the one hand, it's 80 bucks. Just for impatience. Meh. >_<

On the other hand, there are usually at least a few orders I put through each year that can't be shipped free due to not being part of the program (although that said, they might not be part of *this* program either), or just because I'm not ordering enough at the time to meet the 25-buck limit on free shipping. So overall, each year I'd probably spend maybe 30 or 40 bucks just on regular, slow-ass (well, compared to the two-day) shipping anyhow. It could even be more... if it were really around 80 bucks, that'd make my decision for me, but I just don't know.

And now with this Hugh Jass snowstorm being predicted for tomorrow, it looks like I won't make it to the mall to pick up some books and perhaps DVDs and games like I'd planned. And I haven't been out to get anything new in ages, due to work and weather and health. So, not knowing now *when* I might be able to make the five-or-six mile drive up to the mall with the Flakes Of Doom all around, I want to just say screw it and put in an order for what I can get at Amazon, and maybe go pick up a few straggling things in a few days when/if the weather calms down.

Which now leaves me having to make this decision. I want the stuff NOW damnit, if I'm gonna be stuck in the house for days, I might as well have Shiny Newness to distract me. And while this program wouldn't get the stuff to me NOW, it'd get it to me a lot sooner than "um, whenever you get it here due to its freeness." Which then tempts me yet again to just go for the Amazon Prime thing...

And is it just me, or does that sound like a cool name for a female Autobot?

*ahem* anyhow, I digress. Anyone else actually doing this, and have any suggestions or experiences to share? Any thoughts? Need input!
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