July 24th, 2003


Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Sheesh, I'm completely out of it today for some reason. I just cannot wake up. I'm trying to at least get some more work done, but it's going like molasses. Because I just can't get my brain out of neutral.

I did manage to get a bit of shopping done today, and picked up a few new outfits. Other than that, productivity has been low. Which sucks, because I'm on a deadline that's looming ever closer. Gah. Must get much more done tonight.

To make things even worse, I found one of my pond fish dead today as well. Which is odd, because I checked those chemicals as well yesterday, and they seem to be just fine. So I'm not sure why that fish died - I think they may have been spawning again, and it could have just died from exhaustion. I'd like to know, though.
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