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Parasha: Oct. 10 reading (non-spoiler)

I've decided as requested to start splitting the entries up into non-spoiler and spoiler parts, so that people who've read before and want to discuss current entries in the light of what happens in future books can do so, without risk of spoiling things for first-time readers. So if some discussion here starts veering into spoilery territory, feel free to yank it over to the other thread.

Obviously thought "non-spoiler" doesn't mean it won't be spoily for things that happen in this and previous entries.

Looks like the Thing in the circle should have been less stupid, and tried to act normal, rather than being all "doo de doo I'm quiet and innocent and not doing anything" and making Snuff look around for what was wrong. I do like his method of cleaning up water though.

The wicker baskets are interesting, I'm trying to think if they correspond to the players and their companion animals, possibly. (And I'm not being coy with this - I really don't remember what they're for.)

Then we move on to the Good Doctor. And something about Leydens. (??) And, well, I think it's obvious otherwise what goes on here.

And we round things out with Larry Talbot, and then the Count. Complete with a black cloak. How very very vamp chic.

This doesn't seem to be a "happening" chapter, more of a marking time with a lull until something interesting happens chapter. So not much to discuss.


(Deleted comment)
Oct. 11th, 2009 03:12 am (UTC)
Well, wicker men rather than baskets, but maybe the baskets are a shift from it or the starts of men or something? I dunno.

(Also can't remember if it was human sacrifice, or just burning in effigy.)