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Parasha: Oct. 8 reading

Blah, still feel like I'm fighting a cold and possibly losing, so I'll probably keep it short.

Here we see the introduction of one Larry Talbot, who is suspected of being a player, and makes weighted references upon leaving. It's not to hard to see his suspicions, but of course the tricky part is whether or not he's correct...

We get a few more direct references here than we had before - one to the killings, one to the appearance of one of the Things (dark and scaly wings), and we also see a bit of Snuff's fighting style which involves more claw-slashing than I'd expect from a dog (although that just be a byproduct of his intellect, rather than an indicator of supernatural origins).

Owen, the druid, also shows up and is, well, not too bright. We also see Quicklime in "person" for I believe the first time, and between his information and Snuff's actions, there is a rescue of Graymalk. Although we're kept from thinking too completely well of Quicklime for this by the fact that he's helping mostly because he feels the timing is wrong. And despite Snuff being our narrator, we don't really know if his own motivations are similar.

There's also one bit that I didn't catch before, but that is easier to pick up when you know what happens (ROT-13d for spoilers since it's about future reveals in the book...) Jura Fahss fnlf gung Gnyobg qbrfa'g frrz gb unir n pbzcnavba, Dhvpxyvzr zragvbaf "znlor ur'f uvf bja orfg sevraq," juvpu fubjf gung ur ng yrnfg frrzf gb xabj Gnyobg'f fpugvpx.

Oh, and we also see that Snuff sneaks at least some Spanish. Weird.
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