Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Oct. 7 reading

Another long chapter, by this book's standards (at least thus far).

A nice intro, where Zelazny fakes us out a bit, shame on him, with the whole Flashing Blade, Rending Garments thing. (How would that be for the name of a Wuxia film?) And Snuff also gives a comment that pretty much any reader of this type of thing has to have thought a few times already: "Magical rotas sometimes strike me as instructions for lunatic scavenger hunts."

We meet Bubo the rat, who says he's with the Good Doctor, so at least that's not a new player to take into account for Snuff. And we also find out the not-so-final resting place of the Count, suitably vampiriffic.

We also find out that after midnight, Snuff gains the power of speech. Of course, we don't know for how LONG, which is also what always bothered me about the Gremlins. "Don't feed them after midnight!" Well, it's ALWAYS after midnight, in a sense, so that's real freaking helpful, innit? But I digress.

It's nice to see Snuff being treated as a valuable partner, with intelligent insight, rather than just Dumb Dog Sidekick. And through his dialogue with Snuff, we probably see/learn more of Jack than we have thus far. I'm also wondering about "that time in Dijon," if it's supposed to be any particular reference or just something made up. (That's the problem with these sorts of books, I want to look at ANY trivial reference askance and figure out "so what is that referring to?" when it might not well be referring to anything!)

And we end with mysterious mention of a visit to one Growler for stalking lessons, and Snuff dropping off for a time.

Tags: books, parasha, parasha_lonesome_october

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