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R.I.P. Mutt - 6?/03 - 7/03

Well, my little fish fry died today. :( Probably my own fault - I think I was overfeeding it, going off the idea that fry need a lot of food in order to grow. After testing the water today I saw that the nitrites were way too high, which can be caused by overfeeding, so I supsect that that was the cause of death, or at least a part of it. Which makes me feel really bad. But I suppose I've at least learned from it. :/

Now I just don't know what I should do if any more fry hatch - it seems to be a bit of a lose/lose situation. I haven't had a great track record trying to raise fry myself by hand, but at the same time any of them that I leave outside seem to fall quickly to the apetites of the bigger, stronger, faster, hungrier fish. Enh.

Ah well. It's just been a fairly rotten day all around, really. About the only good thing is that I've been getting a *little* more of my current project done.


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Jul. 24th, 2003 08:47 pm (UTC)
Technically it has that meaning around here as well, and really I shouldn't have said "fish fry" but just "fry" instead.

But.. but.. I just couldn't talk about frying up my own pet fishies!
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