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Parasha: Oct. 6 reading

Since my Discworld doesn't get to me until tomorrow, guess I'll have to make do with this. *grump*

Excitement! Snuff gets to raise "holy hell" (hmmmm...) keeping the "slitherers" inside the mirror from getting out. Or more accurately, to keep them from totally escaping when they do get out. Despite not having had an actual description of the Things, we're getting enough fun adjectives like this to make me think that the lack of description is probably a Good Thing.

Also - "mundane wand"... now there's an interesting concept. If you're deep enough into magical things that you have a magical wand that is referenced as your "mundane" one... well.

I don't get the "Yellow Emperor" reference, though, I'll admit.

And I have to take back what I said about his omitting the Count in his little tit-for-tat the night before - he thinks of him quite well here, but also notes that he doesn't know where he lives, so just *can't* include him in his little mental diagram. (Which sounds like a bitch and a half to try to keep mentally straight, but may be easier for a dog or other creature?) And the bit about him being able to do things with the mental image that others cannot is... intriguing.

And we also get to see Nightwind again, and he happens to mention the Count and Needle as well, so NEITHER of them was exactly being honest in their little exchange, now were they? From the sound of it, these animals would all make some interesting Diplomacy players.

I also love the Thing in the Circle, I have to add. And I love the "gave me the paw" reference, although that does make me wonder - was the middle-finger gesture around in Those Days?
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