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Also Amazon

Woot, I see in my email inbox that Unseeen Academicals has shipped! *quivers with antici........*

(you get the idea.)

But I've also (finally) noticed that lately, each time you do a search for something then click on one of the links it throws at you, it changes the search default to that category of item. So if I search for, say, "Mass Effect 2" and then click on the X-Box 360 game, the search bar defaults to "Video Games" which is highly annoying! Graar, stupid doing stupid crap like that, Amazon! I was wondering a *few* times why I wasn't coming up with results that I would find likely when searching for various things, and now I'm pretty sure that this is why. Because I was searching in the wrong section, rather than under "all categories."


And also *pation*
Tags: amazon, books, rants
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