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Parasha: Oct. 3 reading

Since no one has as of yet said "don't do that," I'm going to go ahead and catch up the reading with the day. If anyone does prefer the other way, again, lemme know. (Likewise if you prefer it this way.)

Not really a whole lot here. We have darker mentions of Jack "hunting," the first mention of the Openers/Closers thing, and the introduction of Needle and his as-of-yet seen on-page master, the Count. Hmmm, a bat named Needle, tied to a mysterious Count. Wonder where we could be going with this. At least Zelazny doesn't beat you over the head with the obvious.

In a similar vein, I like how he takes effective short-cuts to show us what some of these people are, rather than telling us. Such as "They had already been out. The broom beside the rear entrance was still warm."

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