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Parasha: Oct. 2 reading

In which we meet Graymalk, there is talk of other people, and an exchange of small favors.

First off: Graymalk. Lovely name for a cat. I'd say "even if not exactly original," but at the time it probably was.

Crazy Jill, Morris, and MacCab, I'm not sure if they're supposed to be Someone, or are just... people.

As for Rastov, the mention of "mad monk" and the "Ras" beginning can only bring to mind Rasputin. *shudder*

I do also wonder if Graymalk had any ulterior motives in her assistance of Snuff (I honestly can't remember), or if she really is just a cat being arbitrary, which is entirely possible.

Also, if no one objects, I may go ahead and post the response for the October 3rd reading later today, and just keep doing same-day postings. That way I can post when my impressions are fresher, but it's also no huge skin off my nose if people prefer it the current way, so let me know.
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_lonesome_october
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