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More dreams!

Had another weird dream last night - one of those dreams that doesn't actually follow me myself, but instead I'm somewhat present as just a viewer (albeit with knowledge of inner thoughts and so forth) as some other scene plays out. In this case, it kind of flickered between a "movie" and events that were actually happening in this dream reality.

The protagonist was one Cassandra Palmer. Now see, there's a series of urban supernatural books revolving around a Cassandra Palmer, but I haven't yet tried them. (Anyone know if they're any good?) But they keep cropping up in my Amazon Gold Box and so forth. Now, I don't know what Cassandra actually *is* in those books, but in my dream (even though I hadn't worked this out consciously) she was the only thing she really should be: a blind oracle. Because, y'know, Cassandra... then the reading of palms and so forth. Although that doesn't mean she had to be blind, but she was in this. Anyhow.

In this dream, Cassandra was small and blonde and yet very capable despite her blindness (because after all, she had another form of "sight"), and basically was pretty much "played" by Sarah Michelle Gellar, a la Buffy. Much the same attitude, too. And she was a modern high school student.

I don't remember much in the way of specifics - just that she'd pretty much gotten a bit cockier with her predictions, and worked out a whole showman-type ritual chant/movement thing when she wanted to intentionally predict something, and from the vibe of the dream I suspect she may have been approaching a fall/comeuppance of some sort if the dream had continued without me waking. And I also remember some sort of martial sport being involved, like tag-team boxing or wrestling or something. o_O

Sometime I really wish I knew what was going on with my subconscious. Other times I'd be afraid to know.



Sep. 30th, 2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
I've read the first book. It seemed okay but _very_ frenetic to me. It seemed like every ten or twenty pages some new concept was being introduced that hadn't even been hinted at before.

In the book Cassandra is able to see the future (and ghosts) but isn't blind. Don't remember anything at all about what she looks like.

Tag-team Oracle-Boxing showdown? :)