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Argh, take two, since I completely forgot one (again!) and you can't as far as I know edit a poll after the fact...

Okay, I already know at least some of what I want, but I'm just curious now how others would prioritize. And who knows, maaaaybe it'll even affect what I buy. (Since I do plan to get all these sooner or later, after all. Maybe much later, depending. ^^;;)

But anyhow, if you were prioritizing, which ones would you get first? Choose two or three, or more, or less... however many you want really, but the idea is to at least prioritize somewhat. ;)


Aug. 17th, 2009 03:47 pm (UTC)
And yes, I went ahead and voted for giggles... the ones I figure I'm most likely going to pick up at once are Mana Khemia 2 (this one's a given, the Atelier series is one of my favorites, and this is a close relative), Homecoming (likewise the Mercy Thompson series is one of my favorite book series), and Even Money (because dude, Dick Francis).

If I drop any of them it'll probably be Even Money, honestly... as much as I love Dick Francis and was wanting badly for him to write more when it looked like he was totally retired from writing, the last book (Silks) left me cold, and I never finished it for some reason. I figure it's just a quirk, a one-off thing of me just not liking it for whatever reason, but part of me is worried that maybe that just marks the point where Dick Francis went from "pretty much writing the books with son watching over shoulder, maybe adding a liiiitle input" to "just sitting back mostly watching and saying something now and then while son does the real writing."

So yeah.