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Sicktime, Dreamtime

Bah. I'm still not sure what exactly has me down, sickness-wise - I woke up feeling sick as a dog for the first 3 or 4 hours and coming yay close |-| to barfing, then my stomach has pretty much calmed down (although I'm not pushing it, *knocks on wood*), but then a damn headache almost immediately took over, and hasn't yet gone away. I may or may not be running a mild fever, but it's hard to tell, since I've been drinking hot ginger tea most of the day once my stomach settled enough, so it's been hard to figure it out (our thermometer in the house being oral).

I did however end up with the weirdest dream before waking, though, which I'd normally connect to a fever, but do not think that even if I'm running one, it's very much of one. I was part of some... militaryish squadron, and we were based in some building. And then there was a nuclear blast of some sort, and a post-apocalyptic sort of environment afterward. I remember standing outside shortly after the blast (which had been fairly close) and thinking even at the time how stupid it was, since I was sure to be picking up all sorts of radiation.

There were other bits and pieces, only some of which I vaguely remember. I remember the squadron going off to some building to blast their way in, then perform a mission, but me bowing out because I was supposed to set off explosives, and I absolutely hate gunshots/explosions/whatever. I remember hoping they'd call me to come join them after the explody part, but they never did, so I sat in the "safe" building, waiting.

And then toward the time I was going to soon wake up came the weirdest part - all of a sudden, the Transformers were involved. And for some reason, the surviving humans were in conflict with the Autobots. It was one of those types of situations where the Autobots had to protect something that was important on a higher level, but the humans for their own survival needed them to not be protecting it, or something like that. (No, I don't remember at all what the nebulous "it" was, or even if I knew in my dream. You know how dream logic goes.)

So... the humans (myself, my squadron mostly) ended up teaming up with the Decepticons, and bringing them to whatever building the Autobots were protecting/holed up in. And they stood decked out alongside my own troops, as for whatever reason (I don't *think* I was a commander or whatever) I was the one to step forward, and make one last attempt at speaking with Optimus Prime, basically pleading our case. I remember saying that I knew that they, the Autobots, had done a lot for the humans, that we were grateful. That we really really did not wish to fight with them, to be forced to hurt them, and basically begged him to set aside whatever it was that the Autobots were defending, and not force us into conflict with them. I remember that briefly, he looked like he were considering, and might choose to comply... but with that weird sort of knowledge of "the story" that you sometimes have in dreams, I knew that it was futile from the start, and he ended up refusing.

So with a heavy heart, I sighed (I think), and then called out "Decepticons - forward!" And I remember worrying at the time that they'd be offended by some mere human presuming to give them orders, but it turned out they were so eager to actually fight the Autobots when they were holed up and they (the Decepticons) had the advantage that they didn't even care, or perhaps even notice.

And around that time, I think, I woke up.

Like I said, weirdness. I don't even know where the Transformers bit came from, since it's not like I've been watching them/whatever recently.
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