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One other thing that bugs me...

There's another thing that I just realized bugs me about the whole EA lust kerfluffle, but it hadn't really emerged in my forebrain because of everything else that was Just Wrong...

They're just pretty much stating that the assumption is *still* that any actual, y'know, real video gamer is going to be a straight male. (Or I guess a lesbian, but I doubt EA is taking them into account.) I mean, why the hell would I, for instance, want to take pictures of myself in an even tongue-in-cheek "lustful" way with a female costumed rep, and why on EARTH would I consider it a "prize" to get to take a limo-ride with a couple OMG Hawt Chicks?

Seriously, I thought we were past the "girls don't play video games" stage, but EA seems to be sending the message (along with all the OTHER messages) that "yeah, all you horny guys out there that play video games, you'll LOVE this. What? Prizes for women or gay men? That play video games? *laugh* No, seriously..."
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