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This looks completely awesome...

Except that it's Peter Molyneux, which means that even though it's being presented as a fait accompli, I'm still taking it with a giant shaker full of salt:

So is it... an AI? Almost? Maybe? Just a digital... person?

Swiped from khedron


(Deleted comment)
Jun. 4th, 2009 08:54 pm (UTC)
needs an X-Files, "I want to believe" icon...
It has to be BS, right? I mean, there was so much going on in that video that it made my head explode. Even with all of Microsoft Research behind him, and however many existing AI projects he could fold into it, I just can't buy it. I'm willing to accept the part where she walks up to the camera and mimes putting her hands in the water and trying to catch a fish. We've seen that with the MS's Surface, and a few other toys. I can also buy drawing a picture on paper, and then turning that into a picture in game. But the dialogue (and body language, &c.)? Even in a very heavily focused domain, where all you were allowed to talk about was Virtual Boy's homework, it still seems like too much to me.