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Monday Fun #29: online link

Whee, I remembered again this week. Belatedly.

Epic Pet Wars

Game type: browser-based, pet collecting/fighting

Time demand: semi-short chunks, whenever you feel like playing

Cost: Free (Donations accepted to purchase in-game points, not necessary)

What it is:

Short and sweet: You adopt one of a couple limited pets to start with. Once your email is verified you can have more than one pet, can add people to your "posse," and so on. Anyhow you train your pet, buy equipment for it, and battle it against other pets. It goes up in level as it gains experience from fighting and training, and you also gain cash from fighting and training.

Your pet has limited energy, and health, and a mood meter, and various actions change these meters accordingly. HP and energy both refresh slowly over time (or you can spend "Respect points" which can be bought for a donation, and possibly earned in other ways, to recharge things instantly, but why?). So that in itself helps the game from being too great a time-sink. Respect points can also be used to unlock different things, such as new pet types to adopt and start training.

I'm still just getting started on it myself, so I haven't seen all it has to offer, but so far it seems like a cute, fun little time-waster if you have a few minutes to kill now and then throughout the day, and like (or don't mind) pet games. And if anyone wants to join my posse, my friend code is ssglku ;)
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