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Eek, I say, eek...

Okay, so this is a bit bizarre. We've been hearing various sirens go flying by the house toward the east, and wondering what's going on. Now I am told by my mother that apparently they've stopped a train (we live right by the B&O railroad, for what it's worth) down at Mexico Farms (which I think is technically a section of Cumberland, it's a couple miles from my house). The story is that there are terrorists on board, and they've seized some sort of package, though they're not saying what it is.

Of course, the first thing I'm wondering is where my mother found this out, and how reliable it is. Knowing some of the track record of these sort of stories, it could be anywhere from very accurate to just shy of a total fabrication. So now I'm waiting and wondering what the real story is... *something* is obviously going down, but I really wanna know what.

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