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Right, that Catan thing.

This is mostly for me to post that I'll probably be out this week, since I'm trying to reset my sleep schedule and don't know if I'll be awake around our usual time. Yes, again. Since I made the mistake of staying up too late a couple nights (well, mornings) at which point my insomnia gleefully pounces and declaims "Hah! This is now your normal sleep time, and you shall not sleep before this time EVER AGAIN! Wench!" Because my inner insomniac voice is weird and declarative like that.

Anyhow, this does not preclude y'all from trying to hash out a Catan gaming session, especially since in theory there are more people interested in playing than would be able to fit into a four-player game anyhow. In theory. And I'm really hoping that this particular sleep rehaul doesn't take nearly as long as the last one. *knocks on wood*
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