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So far, so (mostly) good.

Computer is running again, new card is installed, and I haven't had any graphics glitching or freezing SO FAR *knocks on wood*...

The main thing worrying me is that when I very first turn on my computer now, the very opening "Dell" Screen shows up in negatives colors, and oddly. This indicates some problem, somewhere, to me... but I have no bloody clue what it is. And I haven't noticed graphical oddities elsewhere yet. Going to reinstall WoW and its million and one patches, so once I get it running I can see if there's anything noticeably wonky in something more graphics-intensive... wish me luck. :/


Mar. 27th, 2009 07:40 pm (UTC)
The post screen is rendered by basic VGA before your windows drivers take effect. I wouldn't worry too much about that so long as nothing glitches out in windows itself.

Dell has a tendency to have firmware that acts picky about certain hardware.