Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

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and blarghle...

I'll probably still not be on much for the next few days, since it looks like my video card is on its last legs. (That's apparently what was causing the problems that originally caused me to rewrite Windows in the first place, figuring it was probably yet another problem cropping up from software getting generally old and buggy, etc.)

So anyhow, I've ordered a new video card using the info I got from y'all (who still rock) a few months back, when I first noticed the first problems cropping up, but obviously it'll be a couple days before I actually get it in my greedy lil palms and can attempt to install it.

Wish me luck.

So anyhow, yeah, until then, may not be around much, because I keep getting errors and recovering from serious problems, etc.
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