Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Help, PC people!

I am connecting via my Wii, which is SAD and HORRID to type on.
Anyhow, I reinstalled Windows and now can't get a connection on my PC. I had this problem at the start of Dec. 2007 if you check my lj archives, but can't remember just what I installed/did to fix things. :( Any suggestions?
(It's a cablemodem into a wired router, into my PC. The 360, Wii, etc. go off a wireless port plugged into said router, but the PC is wired.)

Edit: So frustrated I could bawl. I think I may need another protocol or something? Or does the router use Tcp/ip? My network hardware shows as 1394 net adapter if that helps.
Typing my router address into Internet Explorer just says it can't connect to the page without a net connection. I know now it's the right address, since I can connect via Wii.
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