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Water water everywhere...

And, in absolutely thrilling news bound to amaze readers everywhere, one of my water hyacinths in my pond decided to bloom today. Oooh.

Okay, it's neat to me. And it's not like I've got any other major exciting news for the last couple days, so there ya go.

And just a pic I snapped of one of the hornets that live somewhere in/around the yard that constantly refuel at my pond:

The hornet is small, just below the main hyacinth that you can see in the center of the pic.

Since I'll probably blather on about my various fish and associated structures (one of my big current hobbies and loves), I'll give a quick rundown of what I have at the moment:

one saltwater aquarium (45 or 50 gallons), with two blue damselfish, one domino damselfish, two turbo grazer snails, one banded coral shrimp (named Scamp), three blue-legged hermit crabs, and one juvenile convict worm goby. Thus far. I did have another tankful of inmates previously, but a cheap heater malfunctioned, and locked "on" overnight, frying my fish by the time I woke up and killing everyone except the 3 hermit crabs. Including the moray eel I had at the time. Grrrr. So I'm still rebuilding my tank. It sounds like I have a lot already in there, which I suppose I do, but most of the above is really small. Like the hermit crabs - they're probably around an inch wide if you were to stretch their legs out sideways as far as they would go and measure. Very delicate. And the snails aren't even an inch wide or long either. Stuff like that.

I also have a pond out in the yard, currently around 200 gallons or so. I intend to expand it as soon as I get a chance - probably soon after finishing my current project. The inhabitants of that are around 10 goldfish of 3 different types - orandas, comets, and shubunkins, plus two regular koi and one butterfly koi. The koi started out as the three-inch variety around in May or so, but they're already growing larger. One of the reasons that I really want to expand the pond. I also have two cattail plants (one that I bought and a smaller one that I divided off of it), a variegated iris, cotton grass, and a water lily in there. Along with the water hyacinths (see above) which spread like wildfire, the parrot's feathers, and the duckweed and fairy moss, the latter two of which I didn't even intentionally put into the pond but which apparently clung to one of the other plants, then also spread like wildfire. once I expand the pond and get things set up again, I WILL NOT let the hyacinths, duckweed, and fairy moss take over again like it did this time. Honest!

Edit: Oops, I almost forgot to mention the little fry (baby fish - I have no clue honestly where that falls in the scale between "common knowledge" and "esoteric stuff") that I have all alone in a 20-gallon tank in the house. It's a few weeks old, but not growing very quickly. As far as I know, it's the only survivor of a hatching of goldfish eggs from the pond a month or so ago, the other fry being victims to their cannibalistic relatives. Unless some of them have gotten *really* good at hiding, and I just haven't seen them in the pond for a while.
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