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Oh... dear....

So, I'd often seen the animated versions of both The Hobbit, and Return of the King, but never the animated "Lord of the Rings" movie. In fact, up until maybe two years back, I didn't realize that it existed, and wondered why they skipped those first two books and just made Return. It was then (the two years or so ago) that a friend mentioned "oh yeah, they made another animated movie in between, that put both books together in one, but it was just really bad."

Now they're showing it on Cartoon Network as part of their May Movie Month. I didn't catch the beginning... I've only been watching for maybe 15 minutes so far... but yes, it is really wretchedly horribly self-eye-gougingly bad. This is like perfect MST3K fodder. Even before the movies came out to show how well it could be done.

Seriously, if you're going to make an "animated" movie and use live people as a "reference" (aka film people and then slap some paint over them) it would behoove you to at least *try* to make it look like you did more than maybe put, say, three lines of paint on a man and call it "animation." It might also behoove you to have the "evil" guys do more than stroke a person's beard to show how insidious they are, or do more than sorta scoot around on the floor on their stomach to show their EEEevilness. "Fear" and "horror" can also be conveyed in better methods than those that look like an epileptic fit. And little things like trumpet fanfares could probably come across better if they didn't sound like some poor guy standing around with a paper towel tube making bugle noises through it.

Edit: Even with the aforementioned bits of paint slapped over the live action bits, they still can't make the orcs and other assorted bad guys look like anything more than people standing around in really really lame costumes. *choke* We won't even go into the "blood-splatter"...

Thank the heavens that at least it's done. I was about to turn it off anyhow. While some movies are so bad they're entertaining, in this case any real entertainment value would, I think, have to come from watching it and MST3K'ing it as a group. Geez, what the hell were Cartoon Network thinking? Apparently the reason this thing made the airwaves must have been something along the lines of some management type who's never actually seen the animated movie seeing that they were sitting on the animated version of one of the Greatest Movie Trilogies Evah, and declaring "we must show this, and capitalize on the frenzy!"


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