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It's Me Again, Margaret

Or, insert your own name if it isn't Margaret, which it probably isn't.

Anyhow, yeah yeah, it's me actually making an entry again. Woot!

First off, I want to curse a friend of mine (who doesn't as far as I know even know that this journal exists) for introducing me to a new webcomic. Because he, like, knows my fetishe... er... tastes. The comic in question being Elf Only Inn ( Go ahead and check it out - I'm enjoying it not only for the obvious reasons (which actually show up a *bit* less than you might think, considering), but because it's, well, pretty damn funny to anyone who's spent even 2 seconds on internet chat rooms, bulletin boards, online games, or the like.

Second, a little bit more game babbling, re: my playthrough of Final Fantasy VII.

For one thing, wow, I'd totally forgotten just how good the music actually is for this. While the graphics may be a bit dated, the songs certainly aren't. Especially when it comes to mood music. *shiver* Like for instance when you climb the Shinra tower for the second time, following the trail of blood to find... well, if you've played the game, you know. Just that whole mood is damn creepy. Ditto on Cloud's flashback, when all hell breaks loose in Nibelheim. Mmmm.

I'd also forgotten just how many "mini-games" are scattered throughout this game. For instance, while I remembered (of course) the Golden Saucer (which I haven't actually reached in my replay) and the stuff like the motorcycle chase, I'd totally forgotten about Fort Condor and the many battles I fought there. How could I have forgotten...? And all the other little things to break up the normal headlong rush. Like the performing CPR bit, and the whole "disguised as a soldier" portion. I'm not sure how I feel about *so many* of them being here... on the one hand, it does break up what otherwise might be monotonous story mode, or talk/battle/talk like in other RPGs. On the other hand, if you're not in the mood for that type of thing and then are forced to deal with it to further the game, it can get a bit annoying.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention in the previous game ranting - the control pad! Ack! Back when I first got my Playstation, I didn't get a dual shock control pad til... well, actually until I got my PS2. So I missed out on the vibration and analog functions that may have added depth to a bunch of the games that game out on the PSX before that time. Going back on replays like this, I usually at least get to have that extra experience as well - but I didn't realize that FFVII doesn't even *have* that mode. Apparently it must have been before the Dual Shock for PSX became popular...? All I know is it's weird to have to actually control your character *with the directional pad*! *gasp* And to have to keep the "cancel" button clamped down to run anywhere. Yeesh. And nary a quake of the controller throughout. My, how times have changed.

Anyhow, I've reached about halfway through the whole first adventure at the Port, but I think I may go back a bit to a previous save since I think I screwed some stuff up, and it's not back all *that* far. So more impressions as I come to them.

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