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Also... a Totally Gay rant.

And now on this lovely new day, there is one major jarring note - the passing of Proposition 8. And I'm seeing enough floating around about it that I figure I need to get my own rantingsthoughts out there, to keep my blood pressure semi-low and clear the air.

So various reasons are given for supporting Prop. 8, from the almost-refreshingly-straightforward homophobic, to such tripe as "well, if they want to have SOME sort of legal tie fine, but don't tarnish the concept of marriage with it."

Tarnish marriage. Sully the concept of marriage. Drag marriage, as an ideal, through the dirt.

Um, I hate to break it to you Calfornia? But you're already WAY TOO DAMN LATE. The cattle have left the barn in a riotous stampede, and shutting the door behind them won't help. Elvis has left the building. You are about a buck-fifty short, and many days, or even years, too late.

I mean, come on. The concept of two people who happen to love each other and want desperately to honor their tie with marriage is such a threat to marriage? This being the same concept that has spawned such things as "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire"? Or the being (and celebrity status) of Anna Nicole Smith? Or the whole "Farmer Takes a Wife" or "Temptation Island" genre of "reality" TV? Really?!?

Folks, "the gays" aren't going to rape the concept of marriage, because even if they wanted to, there'd be nothing really left to work with. Us straight folks have already taken it out behind the house, bent it over the garden gate, and had our merry way with it until it's pretty much expired.

You want to protest something in order to keep the sanctity of marriage? How about maybe protesting the high divorce rates, and the number of spouses that some men and women have gone through? How about protesting spousal abuse, which pretty much spits in the face of the whole "love and honor" bit? Hell, why not just protest the concept of people being able to be married in a courthouse or somewhere other than a grand chapel, since, y'know, that's not looking up to God in his greatness to bless the union, or whatever? I'd think you're loony in the latter one, but at least it'd be somewhat consistent, and wouldn't be blatantly homophobic, with you trying to then backpedal and say "oh no, really, I don't have anything against the icky.. I mean, against Those Gays, but marriage is too important!"

But yes. Two people who love and cherish each other, who hold up all the ideals of marriage and want to honor the concept by creating a union, and thereby gaining actual rights like a human being, such as hospital rights, rights of inheritence, etc.... those people are going to totally ruin marriage for all you moral straight folks on your third marriages because they happen to be of the same gender.

I'd say that I give up on the human race, except that I'm too optimistic in general after we actually elected Obama. But still, damn people. Get a clue.

Edit: Looking back, I realize I may give the impression I'm totally against divorce, ever, which isn't the case. I realize that in some cases it's the best choice for everyone involved, and I sure as hell don't want to go back to the days when women were pretty much stuck with an abusive husband, or one that they loathed, until they pretty much died inside, or snapped and committed murder.

But a) that's a bit different from the people who go through spouses like some people with allergies go through tissues and see the concept of marriage as just a nice little accessory, and b) if you're going to protest something that tarnishes the ideal of marriage, it'd seem to make more sense to start with something like that first, eh?
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