Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

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It's a brand new day!

Yeah the sun is high!

All the birds are singin' cause... er... Obama's... the guy?

Now if I could just ignore my father's grumblings about moving to Canada, and how the Arabs are going to take over. I just keep patiently reminding myself that patricide is still considered a faux pas in even today's modern society.

And now if we could just slap California with a collective clue-by-four...

(At least both of our Amendments went the way I wanted them to, although it wasn't anything as important as in CA. Just a proposal to allow limited video lotto terminals to be set up, with at least some proceeds going to fund education, and one to allow early voting, so I won't have to be all envious of y'all that got it over with early for the next elections.)
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