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Anyone interested in Catan (in general)

Alright, first off, I assume we're playing tomorrow (Thursday) night at 9:30 Eastern again? Except montoya has already said he can't? So... who's in, who's not?

Second, since there are some other interested people whose times don't mesh up well with what we've currently got: I'm considering starting to shift times/days around occasionally, to give people more of a chance to play at least sometimes. I don't really want to (it's even more hassle, plus more confusing for everyone :p ) but may be the only way to not just say "okay, we'll always play with this set of people, and anyone else is just Out Of Luck."

So what I need from y'all (yes, including people currently playing) is: your username, when you think you might be interested in starting, and the times/days you can play. (Or can't play, if that's easier). Even if you're just considering it, can't hurt to lemme know. I'm not saying "speak now or you can Never Ever play with us"... but I'm trying to make it as easy on myself as I can. :p


Oct. 9th, 2008 01:18 am (UTC)
Alrighty. I'll wait to see if anyone else pops up and wants to play, but otherwise... no Catan this week.