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Spore Pics!

Since I know at least one person was curious about these, here are a few shots of some of my races and all. Under a cut, of course, cause I'm all nice like that.

My home planet for my Unicornus empire. I guess it doesn't necessarily show all that much, but I think it's pretty.

The Unicornus itself. I should have gone with four hooves instead of only two, but I ended up going with the others for the skills they give during the creature stage, and never changed them. I also realized after I was done evolving them that I shoulda had the knees going the other way, but oh well. :/ (And I found with the third race pictured here that it's really hard to make backward-pointing knees in this game without the gait looking really awkward. :/ )

The Gryphellia. I was intending to create basically a bipedal gryphon-type thing, but it sorta ended up as just a generic bird-man. Ah well, it's still fairly cool, I think.

The Taurmigan race in the Tribal stage. I think. It didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped (it's apparently a stone cold bitch to make a decent human-looking creature in this), but I figured I'd include it, anyhow.

Edit: It's also way too apparent that it's been too damn long before I've done much in html. :/
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