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Grumbles. And a poll!

Well, okay, it's not all grumbling, but still.

I think I overdid it a bit yesterday. And the sad thing is that in some ways I didn't do all that much - I installed a double-sliding door (like, the cheapish plastic kind, not a fancy glass kind) to separate my computer room from the rest of the house, and installed a new... thingybob in the door frame for the screen door... springy thingy to latch onto. All of which required a lot of screwing (SHUSH y'all, not the fun kind), and some drilling, and for the folding door some sawing of the door to length, and sawing of the top tracks to length, and did I mention the screw installation? Cause ow. When you have to stand under the door frame and screw things in directly above your head (SHUT UP already!), it hurts more than you'd expect.

Or I'm just, like, totally out of shape. Okay, both.

It didn't help when I was carrying stuff in from one of my sawing trips (in the garage, since there's a vise there that makes sawing so much easier), and got bombed by a bumblebee with such intensity that I figured he meant business, and started running toward the house, and my legs decided "oh hey, we're getting tired! *buckle wobble*" and so I get just enough warning from my legs to *know* I'm about to fall, and not enough to actually do anything about it, and end up doing a face-plant (well, okay, leg-and-arm plant) on the sidewalk/yard boundary. So now my left knee is all scraped up, and my right elbow has a boo-boo. And my dignity was in tatters, cause there is just no way to be fleeing from a bee and suddenly and without warning do a face-plant in the grass in an elegant manner. Even if I'd remembered to keep my pinkies outstretched. *sigh*

Despite the fact that I'm a little bundle of Ow today, I'm trying to get some other stuff done as well. Washed some clothes and some dishes, and am still in the process of clearing out a room upstairs next to my bedroom that's been used for just storage for, well, about a decade probably. And by "storage" I mean "randomly throwing shit in there pell-mell when we don't know what the hell to do with it in the rest of the house." Fun.

Much of this is involving bagging stuff and carrying it down to the basement to store down there, and go through later (once I have the rest of the house organized and shit, which will probably be the ass side of never, but hey). Since the basement in this house is one of the OLD style basements, meant for storage and not living, with just plain cement floors, walls and ceilings, damp, dirty, dusty, spider-webby, and all that fun stuff (and with steeper steps than I'd like, without as many hand-holds as I'd like), this is NOT my favorite project, and thus it's going slowly. Feet-dragginess ahoy!

The reason for this was mainly for me to at least clear out a PART of the room so that I could set my manga (and possibly strategy guide) bookshelves up in there, and get them out of some other areas, to make it easier to organize/clear my room and part of the living room. And NOW of course that I'm starting to show some signs of progress, my father pipes up tonight about how now he's figuring he'll move from his current (cramped, I'll admit) bedroom to that room, once it's cleared out. Which of course means that a) I'm gonna have to clear the room pretty much all the way out, and b) I'm gonna lose my bookshelf space, which was the point of the exercise in the first place. I may end up putting them in his (current) room, which of course is then going to require I clear *that* out as well. Argh! Is it any wonder I don't do as much around this damn place as I should?

(Of course, to him I just sorta smile and nod, then wander away *grumble grumble razzum frazzum grrr*)

I also had just a weird dream last night, which felt somewhat between a dream and a nightmare at the end. I mean, it wasn't pulse-pounding scary, but it was the type of dream that you half-wake up, and are still tired, but don't really wanna go back to sleep and have it continue.

It wasn't bad to start with - I was part of this group of... ghost-evil-mage-whatever hunters. We'd go in to haunted houses (or whatever... I remember that the concept of these things being confined to one house/area was important, even if the beings in question were supernatural but living), then we'd, well, kick ass. I remember having a pistol (despite the fact that I hate the noise of guns, and have never fired one in my life), and a bunch of stabby things of various flavors. I do not, however, remember who the hell any of my teammates were.

Like I said, it wasn't bad (it was actually fairly cool), but around the time I was about to wake up, we went into one house and killed off a bunch of Ghostly Minions, leaving just the Evil Powerful-assed Necromancer that was in charge of them alive when we had to leave for the night. And since apparently I'd done a lot of the ghost-slaying or done something to gain his attention, he was especially pissed at *me*, and it was a given that the next night when we went back in, he was going to be focusing on me and trying to take me out, way before the rest of the team.

For some reason, in my dream, this just scared the living bajeezus out of me. I was trying to just be all nonchalant and prepare my weapons during the day and all that like the rest of my crew, but I was just terrified of what would happen that next night, when I was going to be the focal point of this powerful necromancer's wrath, and I didn't think I'd be able to stand up to it.

And then I woke up. Well, partly woke up. And was afraid to fall back to sleep, because the evil necromancer would eat me. Well actually part of me kinda sorta realized it was a dream, and all that, and the rest of me that was still mostly asleep was still afraid, because the more I slept the closer it'd be to night-time, when it'd be time to face down the necromancer. Damn stupid half-asleep brain!

And now: the poll!

Since I love polls (and other people usually seem to like answering short polls), I was thinking of maybe having one poll each week, sorta like my Monday Fun, but, like, not game reviews/links, and on a different day. Er. Anyway.

So I'm just curious if that'd be interesting, and if so, which day, and all that.

Poll #1246776 Poll poll

Should I have a set day for one fun poll each week?

Why yes, that'd be fun!
Nah, don't worry about it.
I don't really care/am contrarian!
Other (Like, I should have one bi-weekly or something, explained in comments)

If so, which day would be best? (Cause really I don't care, and if y'all are bored on a particular day...)

Friday (Happy Days!)
Saturday (What a day)
Don't really care

Should there be clicky?


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