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Monday Fun #20 (online link)

What's this? The right day, and not like right before midnight? With no skipped week? Write it on the calendar!


Game type: web based

Time demand: Small

Cost: Free

What it is:

Other than "misspelled" (I know, I know), Truckz is... well... at trucking simulation. Duh.

I've been playing this for over a week now, so I have at least some idea of the game, though I expect it'll get a little more interesting/deeper as I gain more money, buy better equipment/trucks, and so on.

Anyhow, you start out by creating a driver, and then using their starting funds to buy one of a number of available trucks (taking out a loan to get a better one if you wish). You then pick a starting city, and the rest of the game for the most part then consists of seeing what the city you're in supplies, preferably finding someplace where it's in demand, and then driving a load of it there to earn money.

The driving takes place in legs, each one (game) hour long, which can be basically whenever and as often as you like, in theory. So you could drive, say, ten hours straight with just ten clicks of the mouse to drive each leg, with each trip taking (naturally) a different number of legs, depending on the speed of your truck, how far the distance is, etc.

Now of course, it's a little more complex than that. The main thing is that your driver gets fatigued - for each hour's driving (or each time you refuel or repair your truck) you gain one fatigue point, As you get higher fatigue points you are more likely to be in an accident, or can get fined for driving over your HOS. So while in theory you can just continue to click that happy-fun button for the next leg of the trip, in practice you can only drive maybe 10 (game) hours or so before you need a break. And a "break" means logging off the game, since each real-time hour of inactivity removes one of your driver's fatigue points. You can also take a quick rest (pull off the road for a quick sleep) to remove 2 fatigue points, but this can only be done once per day, and costs 100 bucks, which is a Bad Thing. Of course, if you go beyond your estimated time of arrival, you are fined for each day that you're late.

Beyond the strategy around where to go with what load, and trying to time your (real life) sleeping and so on to maximize the time you can get driving done in the game, there are other bits, like spending some of your hard-earned cash on items to improve your efficiency or open up other services (like the CB which opens up a chat), or deciding when/where to refuel, as it adds a fatigue point but the gas prices fluctuate based on location.

There's also the ability to join a company, which (once your company grows enough and purchases options) can give you special company contracts, or give you discounts on various things, and so on. (I'm in a somewhat new company myself, so if you try out the game and decide you like it, and don't mind joining a company that still doesn't have too much to offer but is growing, lemme know, and I can add you.)

So the general verdict of the game: Fun, especially since the time demand at any one time is really small. And since, of course, it's free. The one drawback I can think of is that you get a bunch of spam in your (IN-Game! not real email) mailbox when you first join, with people trying to get you to join a company. But since that's part of the game and taken on your own terms as well... go for it!
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