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Contacting Your Congresspeople

Yes, this is about the proposed ban on homosexual marriage, and how to oppose it. So if you think "gays marrying is icky/against GOD!/bad bad bad, the downfall of our society," don't bother reading any further.

I know that the normal information floating around about contacting your Members of Congress has the hotline to call, but for those of us (like myself) who get very self-conscious on the phone, and are better-spoken in email, I'd like to give the following link:

You can use this to find the homepages and other electronic contact info for your various Congresscritters, and thus send them an email on the issue, usually (at least for Maryland) through various forms to fill out, rather than sending an actual email from your own email application. Following is my own message that I sent... It's not as persuasive as it might be, given unlimited space (which at least some of those forms don't allow for), but I hope it at least does its job.

Dear (insert name);

While I'm not certain that this message will ever reach your eyes, I feel that I have to write to my representatives in Congress to let them know of my strong opposition, as a constituent, to the Federal Marriage Amendment. I'm sure that you're going to see a lot of messages, and hear a lot of voices, either for or against such an amendment. I'd like to add my own message to the mix, and hope that it makes some small impact.

While there are a lot of arguments you could make for or against an amendment to ban gay couples from marriage, it just simply boils down to discrimination, in the end. Some people don't want gay couples to marry due to religious reasons, but in the end, the church and state are *supposed* to be separate, and "God doesn't want them to marry" is *no* excuseable reason to support actual legislation. On the other hand, "it would break down current culture/confuse definitions/etc." seems to be simply another way to say "well, I don't like it, I'm bigoted, and I don't want things to change." After all, the same arguments were used for interracial marriages, or other such segregation efforts.

In the end, it boils down to this: will two people who love each other, entering into a civil union harm anybody but themselves? The answer frankly is no. Will preventing such a union be discriminatory, and will legislating such a ban be encouraging and legalising discrimination? I can see no answer to this but a resounding "yes."

I strongly urge you to do the right thing, and oppose any attempt to ban homosexual marriage, whether through a Constitutional amendment or other means. Thank you.
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