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In a Nutshell: Books - Shadows Return (Lynn Flewelling)

I just recently did a huge catching-up post, and already have a backlog of three books/collections that I was planning to write about, so... I guess I'd better get on that.

Shadows Return by Lynn Flewelling

This is, for those playing along at home, the fourth book in the Nightrunners series, which happens to be part of the small (but, I suspect, slowly growing) subgenre of gay fantasy books. Not that I mean that it's as porntastic as, say, George R. R. Martin or anything (it usually dances around most of the actual sex for that matter, although not quite so much in this book but for plot-related reasons), but that it's fantasy that has a pair of protagonists that just happen to be gay. Or bi, I suppose, if you want to be technical. BUT I DIGRESS.

I've kinda put off writing this review, and am even now letting myself get bogged down in introductory type stuff because... I don't really know what to say. On the one hand, I've really enjoyed this series, and intend to keep reading it. And it's not like this book is a sudden drop in quality or anything. And I semi-enjoyed it... but also a) it didn't deal with what I really wanted to see (namely Alec and Seregil settling back into life in the city and trying to rebuild from the shambles of their previous life) except in small, fleeting ways, b) it went into territory that... well, for avoidance of spoilers, I'll just say I didn't like the area/scene/whatever that most of the book was set in, and c) it went way into the weird ends of this particular world's magic. There were some... interesting results, but it also threw me a bit. Plus it looks like things are getting a little overpowered in general, which doesn't usually end up well.

So, to wrap up this (pretty short and overdue) review, if you've read and enjoyed the other books in the series, I would go ahead and read this one of course to see how their adventures continue, and because there *is* some good stuff going on, but I definitely wouldn't start with this book if you've never read any in the series. You'd probably want to go find Luck in the Shadows for that.
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