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Monday Fun #18 (online link)

Ooooops! Almost the second Monday in a row that I forgot to do this. XD And it's technically Tuesday now here, but who's counting, right?


Game type: web based

Time demand: As you like

Cost: Free

What it is:

This game is one of the many warfare-village-building-etc games out there, each with its own flavor and spin. This one puts you in the shoes of the Romans, Gauls, or.. um, some other guys (yeah, I haven't played it long, and I'm playing Gauls), starting with a small village with few resources, and letting you build your way up from there.

In this game you have your village center, where you build various buildings that let you do things and build other buildings in chains, and you have the area surrounding your village which has possible resources, which you must build up. Of course, building them up takes resources in the first place, but as you build up your resources you then gain more per hour, and build them up quicker. You can use these resources (lumber, iron, clay, and food to be specific) for increasing resource production, constructing new buildings in your village center, training troops (once you have a rallying point and a barracks), and the like.

Of course, you can also attack and be attacked, although you do have an initial period of protection when you first start, for a few days. It's annoying though, because as I myself started after the server re-start date, I'm behind everyone else building things up (especially since I'm just learning the ropes), and now I'm getting repeatedly attacked by the same villages over and over, which means they take my resources, which means I then don't have resources to train up troops to defend, later, rinse, repeat. So I dunno just how I'm supposed to get built up, here.

On the bright side, it does have a nice tutorial in the form of starting quests, with a quest giver that basically leads you by the hand and has you build up resources, construct certain buildings, and so on, and as a reward gives you more resources to help you get built up quicker.

So long story short, if you like this type of game, it's neat enough, so might as well give it a try (hell, it's free, and not as time-intensive as many games of the type). If you absolutely hate games of this type well... what the heck are you doing reading this far, anyhow?
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