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Oh, what the hell

Swiped from a few people on my friends list, because I just had to.

One is in a mall when zombies attack. One gets one's choice of:

1. weapon

Probably a flamethrower. I mean, a weapon like a sword or whatever takes you way too close to the zombies, and still might not do the job. I mean, does chopping off a head kill them? And me and firearms don't mix very well, so that leaves out the usual shotgun.

Maaaybe a chainsaw would be doable, but flames? Flaming zombies would have to be just about as cool as frozen zombies. Except temperature-wise.

2. song to have blasting over the speakers

I'm actually gonna lean toward the same type of thing as leighdb here, and go with "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica. Cause that's zombie killin' music, there.

Edit: Although when I think about it more, that one might be a little too slow (well, ponderous, if you know what I mean) for good zombie-killing. I might have to go with something with a slightly quicker beat and more melody, like "Under My Wheels" by Alice Cooper. I think that'd be good zombie killin' music, too.

3. Real or fictitious famous person to have fighting at one's side.

Hrm. Ah man, decisions decisions. My first thought is Ash, but he ended up maimed and all, plus I don't want to constantly have S-Mart marketed at me while we're fighting, and besides, I couldn't pass up this chance to be able to fight alongside some nice little bishounen or something. So probably Sesshomaru, who only got maimed by his brother, not zombies, and who would make mince-meat out of normal weakling undead.
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