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Theme Meme Answers

Alright, here are the answers for the theme meme, and who guessed what correctly, since it doesn't look like anyone else is gonna bite:

1. Masked crusaders working overtime / Fighting crime / Fighting crime! - the opening theme to the series M.A.S.K., guessed by no-one.

2. ...wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of... - the theme song for the Transformers (the old old version), guessed by annewashere

3. How can the light that burned so brightly / suddenly burn so pale? Bright eyes... - "Bright Eyes" sung by Art Garfunkel, one of the main (well probably THE main) song(s) from the movie Watership Down, guessed by dominicflandry

4. Where will you wander? / Hither and yonder. / Letting your heart be your guide. - opening theme for the My Little Pony TV series, guessed by _constantine

5. Wings of silver, nerves of steel./ ____ / Partly metal, partly real. - Opening theme to the "Silverhawks" series, guessed by temporaltokaki

6. Nowhere to run / Nowhere to hide / Panic spreading far and wide. / Who can turn the tide? - Opening theme for the G.I. Joe TV movie, guessed by _constantine

7. We're cold slither, you'll be joining us soon. / A band of vipers playin' our tune. - A song from a specific episode of the G.I. Joe series, guessed by temporaltokaki

8. Then look into the sky where through / the clouds a path is torn. - from the movie The Last Unicorn's opening theme, performed by, I believe, America (I have the C.D. somewhere, but not at hand). Guessed by no-one.

9. Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered, there's nowhere to turn. / Wonder how you'll keep goin'. - From "Dare" by Stan Bush, which was one of the songs used in Transformers: The Movie (the first one, not the recent live-action flick). Song and performer guessed by _constantine, with the actual movie pointed out by temporaltokaki

10. Don't you know that we're off to see the world./ We're off to find our dreams! - One of the songs from the movie The Chipmunks' Big Adventure, although I don't know the title of it offhand. Guessed by no-one.

And the overriding theme was, of course, animated series/movies. Go fig.
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