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The Theme Meme

So.. I realized I hadn't posted in a dog's year, and that I probably should do that, but I don't really have much content-worthiness to post. So I figured I'd post *something*, but I haven't seen any memes that really grabbed me lately (well, and that worked out well enough for me to post in my own LJ, although takhisis had one of the "grab the nearest book" ones earlier today. But my nearest book let me down).

Aaanywho, I decided instead to sorta revive one of the older memes that I've used I think twice before and that I really liked, but this time with a bit of a twist: I'm going to do the lyrics meme, which before you listed lyrics from a song and the readers would try to name the songs. But this time, I'm going to instead give lyrics from *theme* and other similar songs from Back In My Youth (damn whippersnappers), and you get to name the show/movie/whatever they're from. Sound fun? There's another theme running throughout these as well, that you might pick up on. Anyhow, put your responses in the comments, and as they're correctly guessed I'll edit them in, along with who guessed 'em first. Actually, I decided I'll just italicize the ones that are guessed and put who guessed them, but not put the answers until a later posting, so that people can still play along before they read the comments.

And yes, yes, some of these are really cheesy and fairly embarrassing, but hey, it should be fun! ... and embarrassing.

1. Masked crusaders working overtime / Fighting crime / Fighting crime!
2. ...wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of...Known by annewashere
3. How can the light that burned so brightly / suddenly burn so pale? Bright eyes... Guessed quickly by dominicflandry
4. Where will you wander? / Hither and yonder. / Letting your heart be your guide. Picked up by _constantine
5. Wings of silver, nerves of steel./ ____ / Partly metal, partly real. by temporaltokaki
6. Nowhere to run / Nowhere to hide / Panic spreading far and wide. / Who can turn the tide?Got by _constantine
7. We're cold slither, you'll be joining us soon. / A band of vipers playin' our tune. First picked up by temporaltokaki
8. Then look into the sky where through / the clouds a path is torn.
9. Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered, there's nowhere to turn. / Wonder how you'll keep goin'.Mostly picked up by _constantine
10. Don't you know that we're off to see the world./ We're off to find our dreams!


Okay, #2 is really brief, I realize, but giving more would totally give it away... and this is one of those things where if you know it, believe me, you'll know it.

The blank in #5 is from the name of the series, so I just kinda... skipped over it.
Because dude.

And as sorta mentioned, some of them aren't exactly theme songs, but they're songs from... whatever that stuck in my head for whatever reason. Damnit, I'm the one adapting the meme, so I get to set the rules as I see fit!
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