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To sleep, perchance to... kill someone

So those that know me well might know that I don't exactly have the best luck sleeping, anyhow. I get insonmia a fair amount, and once something makes me not sleep til really late and sleep in the next day, it's really hard to get my sleep cycle back around to getting to bed semi-early and getting up at a decent hour. Which has kinda been what I've been doing the last couple nights.

So yesterday morning I'd gotten up fairly early, and not gotten enough sleep, which I figured should let me sleep better at an earlier time last night. All set, right? Well, no, because even with insomnia aside, the Fates apparently enjoy toying with me. Last night, our neighbors renting the top floor of the house next door decided to get into a fight. Or rather I suspect that one of them at least was out drinking, and things escalated from there.

So basically, all night long we got to deal with people around, car doors slamming, cars taking off with squealing tires, and people outside yelling at each other. Which was bad/annoying enough. Through that though I basically had the "grit your teeth, ignore it, it'll calm down soon" philosophy. But when I heard some female voice suddenly yelling "Help, somebody help me!" I ended up calling 911, since I had no clue what was going on. Apparently it wasn't anything too serious, since the cops came, stayed and talked to them for about 10 or 15 minutes, and left again (and I don't *think* they took anyone with them). But between that, then calming down once more after calling the police, and alladat, I finally managed to get to sleep around 6am.

Joy. So much for getting sleeping cycles back to normal.
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