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Monday Fun #7

Ya know, I need to remember to post these things earlier... Swiping this one from thette (and swiped last week's from takhisis, for the record).


Game type: Browser-based.. um... time-waster game.

Time demand: Not much. The sort of game you play basically as long as you want, though you'd probably need to invest a little time at least to get any interesting growth.

Cost: Free

What it is: You start off with a fairly simple pink flower, and click on it to grow a new copy. As you grow each flower, slight mutations may start to occur. You can click and drag to clone a flower, and click and drag to another flower to create a seed between those two types. Basically, you get to play plant-geneticist on a browser-based game. You can also see the "genetics" of a flower you particularly like, or grow flowers from genes others share with you.

So, yeah. Really simplistic in a sense, but it can be an addictive little time-waster if you're in the mood for it.
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