Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Eeee-vil. Really.

If online bookstores are utterly evil, I suppose that remaindering tables are Satan incarnate. Except, like, spread out amongst various bookstores. Because it's a metaphysical concept sorta thingy.

I walked into the bookstore without real intentions to buy anything, honestly. I wanted to look for one or two manga books, but figured that if those weren't available I could just walk out again without buying anything. Big mistake. If someone like me walks into a bookstore, it's best to walk in with the very firm intention to not buy a single thing in order to spend no (or a bare minimum of) money.

It started with a fantasy novel from a series that I'd been buying previously and hadn't yet picked up the latest book from, which of course I had to grab. Then it continued when I found a few manga that yes, were actually in and available. But the real downfall was the remaindering table. I mean, otherwise would I *really* have needed such things as the Encyclopedia of Fishes, the Little Guide of Herbs, and the Little Guide of Flowers? I tell myself that it's all good because these things might end up useful for research for a book somewhere down the line. It has absolutely nothing to do with self-control or a lack thereof. Honest. Really.
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