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Harry Potter thoughts meme

Swiped from leighdb who swiped it from coyotegoth, which I mention because it's just a cool username...

1. What inconsistencies have you found over the course of seven books?

Hrm, probably quite a few here and there. One I can think of offhand is just how werewolfism is handled. At the start of the series, they seem to be almost like animals, as they're mentioned as quite possibly living in the Forbidden Forest as one of the (permanent, not just at full moon) dangers, and Hagrid doesn't seem to pooh-pooh the idea. When Lupin's introduced, there's mention made of the cures for werewolfism when Snape's asking for his little essay after filling in for Lupin, and at one point Lupin mentions that when he was bitten, there wasn't a cure for the condition (although it's implied he *may* have just been talking about the potion that lets him retain his intelligence). Then later on, we meet a werewolf just bitten who's in St. Mungo's, and Bill who's scratched under odd circumstances, and the implication then seems to be that being a werewolf is just permanent, period.

And now that I've written THAT essay, I'll say that another inconsistency in general that bothers me is the way things are introduced in each book that would have probably changed things in early books. Like magical transport for example. If we had side-along apparition earlier, there'd have been no reason for Cedric Diggory to have to take a portkey along with the Weasleys at the start of book four, and a few other cases of getting-around would have probably been easier. If we'd been introduced to portkeys and some of the other more subtle ways of getting around earlier, they would have been valid ways for Sirius Black to get into Hogwarts, rather than everyone assuming that the place was impenetrable. And so on.

Still, I guess the latter at least is part of the normal perils of writing a long series, when you don't have all the books written before release, letting you edit things as necessary. :p

2. Are there any questions JKR left unanswered that really irked you?

Hrm. I dunno if any *really* irked me - I would have liked to know more about the future events (the characters, who did what, etc.), and I would have especially liked to know how things turned out with Malfoy, since he was at least somewhat redeemed. I also would like to know what eventually happened to Lockhart, sad as that may be. And Winky. But a lot of that would be cause for another book, or else just little minor nitpicking stuff that most people probably don't care about.

3. Were you satisfied with the ending?

Well, in a way. I would have liked to have more of what came after, but at least we got some. And I'm not satisfied with the body count at the end of it all. Not so much the *count* as the particular bodies.

But in general, yes, I'm satisfied with the way things resolved at the end.

4. Which book did you like most? The least? Any particular reason?

Most? Tough question. Maybe book six, since that's where Harry starts growing up enough to actually take responsibility and stop being emo, although there are regressions. But I haven't read it enough times to probably be sure. Least would probably be Order of the Phoenix - while it has some of my favorite stuff (the stay at the House of Black, the Order itself), there's just too much freaking Doom and Gloom for me to really like the book. I HATE Umbridge about as much as Harry and the others do, and we don't even get the Quidditch reprieves from the schoolyear grind, And Harry's going through one of his worst Dumbledore-doesn't-care-about-me-I'm-crossed-in-love phases, ever.

5. Favorite/Least Favorite character from book one? By book seven did that change?

Hmmmm. I don't really know. There are characters that have never done much for me - Quirrel, as long as he lasted, and Ron to an extent who is the most, er, vanilla of the main trio. and Crabbe and Goyle who are just there for muscles. I don't know if I had any that I really didn't like though that early on, unless it's maybe Filch, who has about no excuse for working at the school and being so bloody miserable a character. And most of my favorite characters came later in the series. For book one I'll go with maybe Hermione as a favorite, in a way, because she reminds me so much of myself in school, both good and bad.

6. Which character death bothered you the most?

Probably Lupin, because he'd already been through so damn much misery in his life, and could have had much more to live for with both a family and being one of the heroes helping stop Voldemort once and for all. Instead he goes off and gets killed, leaving his child an orphan. There were plenty of others, but I'll just also mention Hedwig for much the same reason as leighdb - not only because the death itself was so sad, but because it was so bloody convenient.

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