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More Kittiness

Oh right, meant to mention, Wakizashi went in for his one-month checkup and shots today. He's gained two pounds in the past month, and according to the vet is "coming along nicely." So that's good.

The only really bad thing (well, other than him having the energy, curiosity, and destructive power of a typical 7-month-old kitten) is that he and Katana are still Not Getting Along, and yes it deserves the capital letters. Very seldom will Katana let him come close to her without growling low, hissing, and swiping at him with her claws, and on his part 'Zash seems to think it's all Terribly Fun to chase her around and bat back at her. It *seems* to be playfulness on his part, as well as I can read it, but definitely not on hers. Meh. And Katana flees under my chair I'm sitting in and starts spatting with him as we speak... damnit, I am NOT Switzerland here, people!

Anyhow, we've got him scheduled to be neutered (poor kitty :() in a couple weeks, which I hate doing but a) should keep him from spraying, and b) I'm HOPING might help them get along better. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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