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Laura Parkinson

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Oh yeah...

Since I keep forgetting to mention, New Kitty is now Wakizashi. I was reaaaally tempted to Sesshomaru, but a) it just felt... wrong to give the name to a *cat* of all things, and b) my (other) current cat and previous cat both have/had weapon names, so I didn't really wanna break the trend. I should've mentioned it earlier, but then, there was never really any deciding moment of "okay, THAT is going to be the kitteh's name." It was just more of a gradual thing where it sorta... ended up that way.

On a related note, ever notice how hard it is to get up and go elsewhere when you have a purring kitty curled up on your lap?

Also on a related note... gah, it's weird to be awoken in the middle of the night by strange voices coming from your hallway. Apparently the kitty managed to somehow step on the playback button for the answering machine, which in turn is apparently turned up a bit loud, volume-wise. -_- And which also needs to have various old messages deleted again. Yeesh, that was a weird feeling for a moment before I realized what it was...
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