Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

The verdict...

Well, apparently the kitty gets a fairly clean bill of health from the vet. There's a small discharge from his nose that the vet didn't seem awfully worried about but said to keep an eye on, just in case. And he's thin (duh), and we now have some kitten-specific food to help try to fatten him up a bit. No microchip, no reports of lost kitties, and nothing in the paper's lost and found yet, and I've called the animal shelter and gave them our number and a description so... maybe I should start thinking on names.

For the record, the vet said the cat's at least around 6 months old according to his teeth or whatever, in spite of (IMHO) him being a tiny lil' thing, and he weighs in at 5.08 pounds.

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