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More Woohoo!

I'm actually typing this from my happy-fun desktop computer! Yay!

Apparently, I *think* I needed to install an extra networky-type driver from my one supplimental disc. The weird thing is that it didn't ask me for the encryption key for my network... I'm not even sure it's ON my network right now, come to think of it. Or maybe it doesn't need it since it's a wired connection and not wireless. I dunno, but I have connectivity SOMEHOW, so this makes me somewhat happy.

Now to download Firefox... stupid Internet Exploder. -_-


Dec. 6th, 2007 07:16 am (UTC)
Whoa, I missed out on some tech-support. Glad to see it's all taken care of already, and sympathy for the missing data -- I had a brand-new hard drive flake on me a year ago, which wouldn't have hurt much except that I had it set up RAID striping with a twin. Basically, RAID striping splits the data between two drives in such a way that one won't work without the other, but speed is (almost) double. It's not as risky as it sounds if you get two brand-new drives at the same time and set it up, but there's always that 1 in 1000 chance you get shipped a drive that'll die in two weeks...

BTW, hairpin segue to another form of geekery -- if you're interested, I'm putting together a game of Shadowrun 4th edition. Bad news is that it's all the way down the mountain, in Frederick...