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Well, hell. (PC help needed)

Great. I'm typing this on my laptop as we speak, because it looks like my desktop PC may be truly borked.

I was trying to download something off a trusted site (well, like 95% trusted anyhow) when my computer kinda froze up, music, download, and everything. I went away for a minute to get my tea, figuring it was slow starting the download (it was one of those "your download should start automatically in a moment" dealies), and when I came back, I had BSOD, which almost never happens with my computer. (Freezing up or what have you, sure, but not the actual BSOD). I wish now I'd written down the exact error, but it was some sort of kernel error, and said that it shut down Windows to protect the computer, and if it was the first time, please restart the computer, etc etc.

So I restart.... and now it goes to the "Dell" loading screen, and then after that... nothing. A blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner, and if I let it sit there long enough, a message that pops up saying to press F1 to retry the boot, F2 for setup. I've tried restarting a couple times (and shutting off, turning off the actual power supply for all the equipment, and after minute turning everything back on), and no change.

So... help! Anyone have any suggestions of anything to try? I'm really really bad with computer hardware stuff. I know, bad geek. Is my system totally borked? Anyone? The only thing that's changed today, if it helps, is that I got a new (to me... used actually) monitor just this afternoon, since my old one was fritzing out. Again. I couldn't see how a monitor would cause that sorta problem though... but then, like I said, really bad with this sorta thing, so I'm throwing it out there.
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